Selected Projects in the Conservation and Restoration of Historic Monuments and Architecture Completed in the Past


2010 County of Hudson, Jersey City, New Jersey, Memorial Arch, brownstone, 1870
2010 Department of Veterans' Affairs, Washington D.C. 
Marion National Cemetery, Indiana, Soldier's Monument, by Lorado Zado Taft, bronze on granite, 1914 
North Alton Confederate Cemetery, Illinois, Confederate POW Dead Monument and Entrance Gate,  granite bronze, 1910 
Jefferson City National Cemetery, Missouri, 39th Division Missouri Infantry Monument, limestone, 1879
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri, 35th Division Water Fountain Monument, by Eugene J. Mackey, granite, concrete, 1952 
Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, French Cross Monument, granite, bronze, 1920
Nashville National Cemetery, Tennessee, Memorial Arch and Entrance Gate conservation, marble, 1880
Marietta National Cemetery, Georgia, Memorial Arch and Entrance Gate conservation, granite, wrought  iron, 1870
2009-2010  City of Norwalk, City of Norwalk Historical Commission, Mill Hill Cemetery Gravestones Conservation
2009 Peoria Park District, Illinois, Historic Masonry Repointing and Repair-Phase III, brick

City of Boston
Granary Burying Ground, Historic Gravestones Conservation


National Park Service, Buffalo National River, Arkansas
Historic Retaining Wall Conservation, granite


The Church of Gethsemane, Brooklyn, New York
Exterior Restoration, brick, wood, stained glass

2006- 2007 City of New York, Parks and Recreation
Reconstruction of Portions of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, 1908, bronze/brick/granite
2006-2007  State of New Jersey, Department of Property Construction and Management
Princeton Battle Monument, by Frederick MacMonnies, 1922, Indiana limestone
2006     Acadia National Park, National Park Service, Maine
Restoration of Historic Bridges on the Park’s Grounds, 1913-1940, granite
2005 Acadia National Park, National Park Service, Maine
Restoration of five Historic Bridges on the Park’s Grounds, granite
2005  Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Site, National Park Service, Hyde Park, New York
Orpheus Fountain Sculpture Relocation, 1924, marble/conglomerate stone
2005 Hudson County, New Jersey
Abraham Lincoln Monument, J.E.Fraser, 1929, bronze on granite
2005 The Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
William Wheatley Monument, bronze on granite
2005    Borough of Tenafly, New Jersey
Theodore Roosevelt Monument, 1928, limestone/granite
2004  Acadia National Park, National Park Service, Maine
Fifteen Historic Carriage Road Bridges Restoration, granite
2004 City of Dallas, Fair Park, Texas
United States, Mexico, France, Spain, Confederacy, Texas, by Raoul Jossett, 1936, reinforced concrete sculpture
2004 City of Dallas, Fair Park, Texas
Siren, Pegasus, and Shield, by Pierre Bourdelle, 1936, cameo reliefs on two fountain pylons, pigmented stucco
2004 City of New York, Parks and Recreation
Fowler Monument, by Henry Baerer, 1902, bronze on granite
2004  The Green-Wood Cemetery, New York
Chadwick Monument, bronze on granite
2003 Acadia National Park, Schoodic Division
Rockefeller Building # 1 Repair, 1935, stone, brick
2002-2003 City of New York, Parks and Recreation Department
Ridgewood Monument, bronze on granite
2002 Barnard College, Columbia University, New York
Greek Games Monument, bronze on marble
2002 Acadia National Park, Maine
Seven HistoricCarriage Road  Bridges on the Park’s Grounds, granite/mortars
2001- 2002

United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
Cadet Monument, by Vincent Lowe, 1818, marble on brownstone
Robinson Memorial,1940, bronze/granite
George Washington Equestrian, by Henry Kirke Brown, 1915, bronze on granite
The Battle Monument, bronze on polished granite, 1897
Patton Monument, by James E. Fraser, 1950, bronze on granite
Wood Monument, 1824, marble/granite
Kosciuszko Monument, by Antoni Popiel, 1828, bronze on marble
Dade and his Command, by R.E. Launitz, 1845, marble
Sedgewick Monument, by Launt L. Thompson, 1868, bronze on granite
Thayer Monument, by C. Conrad, 1883, granite
Douglas MacArthur, by Walker Hancock, 1969, bronze on granite
Dwight David Eisenhower, by Robert L. Dean, Jr., 1984, bronze on red granite
Soldier’s Monument, by Felix De Weldon, 1980, bronze on polished granite
History of the United States, bronze

2001 The Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
The Weber Family Memorial, 1908, bronze on granite

City of Hoboken, New Jersey / Hudson County Parks and Recreation Department
World War I Memorial, by Chas. H. Niehaus, 1922, bronze on stone
Civil War Monument, 1888, bronze/iron on granite
Firemen Monument, bronze/iron on granite

2001   Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey
Liberty Monument, bronze on granite
2001 City of Houston, Parks and Recreation Department
Relocation of the Molly Ann Brennan Smith Plaza monument, granite
2001  Borough of Cliffside Park, New Jersey
The Doughboy, by Allen G. Newman, 1929, bronze on granite

City of Houston, Parks and Recreation Department
Call Ernie, by Jim Love, painted iron/aluminum on concrete, Hobby Airport,
West of the Pecos, by Rolf Westphal, painted iron

2000-2001 The Meucci-Garibaldi Museum, Staten Island, New York
The Garibaldi Monument, bronze on sandstone
1999- 2000

City of New York, Parks and Recreation Department
Monitor and Merrimac Monument, bronze on granite by Antonio DeFilippo, 1939, Brooklyn, NY

1999- 2000

City of Dallas, Parks and Recreation Department
Man and Angel, Man and Eagle, Cougar and Bison, Man Taming Horse,
Four cameo reliefs by P. Bourdelle, 1936, Centennial Building, Fair Park

2000 Borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey
Revolutionary War Monument, bronze on granite, C.E.Tefft, 1904
2000 Borough of River Edge, New Jersey
The Soldier, Cor-Ten steel, C. Vukovich, 1971
2000 City of Houston, Department of Aviation
George Bush, by David Adickes, bronze 1971
1999 New Haven, Connecticut, Leland Torrence Architects
Scroll & Key Building, marble/sandstone carved architectural details

Jersey City Parks and Recreation, Lincoln Park, New Jersey
Christopher Columbus, by M. Giacomantonio, 1937, H: 12'; bronze on granite, Hoboken, NJ
Civil War Monument, bronze on granite, H: 12'; Jersey City, NJ


Texas Historical Commission, Austin, Texas/ Randall County
Spirit of the American Doughboy, by E.M.Viquesney, 1928, H: 11'; copper on concrete, Canyon, Texas


City of Houston, Parks and Recreation Department
Scanlan Fountain, painted bronze
WW I Monument, bronze plaque on granite


Project commissioned by Statue and Monument Restoration Committee of Morristown
Thomas Paine Monument, by G. Lober, 1949, H: 14'; gilt bronze on granite
George Washington, 1928, equestrian statue, H: 20'; bronze on granite, by F.G.R.Roth, Morristown, New Jersey
The Hiker, H: 13'; bronze on granite by T.A.R.Kitson, Morristown, New Jersey
The Civil War Monument, 1871, H: 60'; marble on granite, bronze, Morristown, NJ
The Cenotaph, 1928, bronze on granite by Joseph Nicolosi, Morristown, NJ

1998 City of Houston, Parks and Recreation Department
Relocation of Dick Dowling Monument
1997 New Jersey Historic Trust and Borough of South River, New Jersey
The Frazee Memorial, by John Frazee, 1862, H: 5'; marble, wrought iron, concrete
1997 Project commissioned by Bayonne Historical Society
The Hiker, H: 12'; pewter on granite, by A.G.Newman and C. Keck, 1914, Bayonne, New Jersey
1997 Project commissioned by Monument Restoration Committee of Madison
World War I monument, 1922, H: 12'; Bronze on granite

Project commissioned by City of Houston, Houston Zoo
The Gnome by Bureau Brothers, bronze
Martin Luther King, bronze
Coyotes, bronze
Leap Frog Children, bronze


Project coordinated by Texas Historical Commission, Division of Architecture
Al Hayne, by Evaline Sellors and Lloyd Brown, 1893, H: 25'; bronze, sandstone, granite, Fort Worth, Texas
Dick Dowling, by Frank Teich, 1905, H: 25'; marble on granite, Houston, Texas

1996 Project commissioned by Lambertville Historical Society
Civil War Monument, H: 30'; granite on marble, Lambertville, New Jersey
1994-96 Project commissioned by Township of Teaneck
Teaneck Municipal Building, 1925, gilt dome on wooden turret, Teaneck, NJ
Teaneck Memorial Monument, bronze on marble, Teaneck, New Jersey
1995 Project commissioned by Teaneck Public Library
Teaneck Public Library, 1927, gilt copper dome on wooden painted turret

Project commissioned by Chicago Park District, under the supervision of Head Sculpture Conservator
Abraham Lincoln  (The Seated Lincoln), 1908, bronze sculpture on granite base with marble exedra, by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Grant Park, Court of Presidents, Chicago, Illinois
Melville Weston Fuller, bronze sculpture by William Ordway Partridge,
Fuller Park, Chicago, Illinois
Carter Henry Harrison, 1907, bronze sculpture by Frederich Cleveland
Hibbard, Union Park, Chicago
Havlicek, 1909, bronze sculpture by Joseph Strachovsky, Solidarity Dr., Chicago
Benjamin Franklin, 1896, bronze sculpture on granite base by Richard
Henry Park, Lincoln Park, Chicago
William McKinley Monument, 1905, bronze sculpture with granite exedra
by Charles J. Mulligan, McKinley Park, Chicago


Winnetka Memorial, bronze, Winnetka Park District, Illinois
Project conducted by Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studio, Chicago, IL

1988 Project commissioned by Mayor of Gdansk
Baroque Stair-cases, sandstone and limestone, Gdansk, Poland




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